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Aitana Morton de LachapelleAnalyisis of RNAseq dataAnalysis of cell type and tissue-specific regulatory networks
CIG-DGM joint seminar: "Genome-wide Association Studies"Calcium Meta-AnalysisCan environment modify genetic effects on human anthropometric traits?
Can environmental factors modify the effect of genes influencing blood pressure?CellophaneComputational Biology Group Wiki:About
Control of mitosis in fission yeast
Course idea and teaching goals of Forensics in BioinformaticsCurrent dynamics of the Lausanne population geneticsDaniel Marbach
Dates & Deadlines 2009Dates & Deadlines 2010
Dates & Deadlines 2011Dates & Deadlines 2012Dates & Deadlines 2013
Dates & Deadlines 2014Dates & Deadlines 2015Discovery of phenotypes influenced by the season of birth
EISA and the biclust packageEISA module treesEISA tutorial
EPFL doctoral course: "Functional Genomics 2009"EPFL doctoral course: "Functional Genomics 2010"EPFL doctoral course: "Functional Genomics 2011"
EPFL doctoral course: "Functional Genomics 2012"
EddiMckinzie551Estimating selection pressure on different genomic regions
Evolution: Estimating rate of speciation and extinction in a tropical plantEvolution of Gene Expression Levels in Mammalian Organs
Evolution of polymorphism in plantsEvolution of seed size in relation to dispersal agentExpressionView
ExpressionView File FormatExpression studies
Feature RequestsFinal report meetingFinal report meeting 2010
Final report meeting 2012Final report meeting 2013GIANT height
GMMGWAS projectGender bias in neurodevelopmental disorders
Genetic determinants of eating patternsGenetics of allostatic load in the CoLaus studyGenetics of eating patterns
Genetics of urinary calcium levelsGenome-wide association studies on various clinical phenotypesGenome Wide Association Studies
Genomic studies: databases and toolsGenomic studies: exercisesGenomic studies: theory
Getting started with ExpressionViewGolden rules for a good presentationGroup Meeting
Guidelines for a successful stay at the CBGHistoryHow to upload files and edit your project page
Hypergenes StudyHypoPhen
ICP softwareISA
ISA internalsISA tutorialIdentification of obesity and BMI associated intergenic long noncoding RNAs
Inference of Overall Heritability Captured by GWA-DataIntegrative AnalysisIntermediate report meeting
Intermediate report meeting 2010Intermediate report meeting 2011Intermediate report meeting 2012
InternalIntroduction to dynamical systems and differential equationsJacques Beckmann
Johann WeberJournal ClubJournal Club (autumn 2013)
Journal Club (spring 2012)Journal Club (spring 2013)Journal Club (spring 2014)
Kinematics of seedling elongationLab mouse phylogenyLibrary
Long Range Dpp Gradient Formation
Main PageMetabolomicsMetabolomics— Linking Genotype and Phenotype
MetabomatchingMicroarray data analysis of the shade avoidance in plantsMitose cellulaire dans les levures: étude des effets géométriques sur la formation du gradient de Pom1
Modeling: Pattern formation using Reaction-Diffusion modelsModeling: Spread of epidemicsModeling gradient formation in the fission yeast
Modeling morphogen gradient formationModeling of gradient formation in "Drosophila" embryosModule 1: Is the hourglass model for gene expression really supported by the data?
Module 2: How well does sequence similarity predict similarity in binding specificity?Module 3: How to make valid prognostic models with gene expression signatures?Module 3: Mauro's project
Module 4: How does feature selection impact integrative clustering analysis?Morphogenèse: modélisation de la formation de gradients de diffusionMurielle Bochud
NOFIANarcolepsyNeuroenergetics: Importance of transport for the regulation of energy substrate fluxes in brain cells
Neuroenergetics: Modeling of brain cell metabolic phenotypesNicolas/Anna: TBAOrdering algorithm used in ExpressionView
Other BioC packagesPackaging matlab to standalonePascal
PascalTestDataPathway Analyisis of GWAS dataPathway enrichment in DNAse1 footprinting data
PeoplePhototropism in ArabidopsisPictures
PojectYeastPositionsPrioritizing genes via network enrichment
Regulatory network of the shade avoidanceRobust gradient formationRobust inference of gene regulatory networks using bootstrapping
Robustness in Drosophila embryo patterningRunning ISA in parallelSIB Young Bioinformatician award 2010
SIB course: "Statistical analysis applied to genome and proteome analyses"SIB course on “Statistical genomics and statistical genetics”SIB winter-school on “Clinical Bioinformatics”
SPSW 2012 summer school exercise sessionSandboxSandbox2
Schedule for Forensics in Bioinformatics 2015ScienceSoftware
Speciation and extinction rate estimation using phylogenetic treesStatistics of cell size determination in fission yeastStatistics of cell size determination in fission yeast - pom1 and cdr2
Statistics of cell size determination in fission yeast - the pom1 gradientSummer school course: "Biologie und Medizin im digitalen Zeitalter: Jenseits der Disziplinen"Summerschool of the Max-Weber Stiftung
Sven summer-school ”From Data to Models in Biological Systems”Teaching
TestMaiaKaplanTissue specific expression with the Iterative Signature Algorithm
Total Explained VarianceTree of Life: Inferring species phylogenies based on entire proteomesUHTS
UNIL BSc course: "Experimental design 2009"UNIL BSc course: "Experimental design 2010"
UNIL BSc course: "GGE course module on Genome-wide association studies"UNIL BSc course: "Solving Biological Problems that require Math 2009"
UNIL BSc course: "Solving Biological Problems that require Math 2010"UNIL BSc course: "Solving Biological Problems that require Math 2011"UNIL BSc course: "Solving Biological Problems that require Math 2012"
UNIL BSc course: "Solving Biological Problems that require Math 2013"UNIL BSc course: "Solving Biological Problems that require Math 2014"UNIL BSc course: "Solving Biological Problems that require Math 2015"
UNIL Biomedical Master: "Metabolic diseases 2010"
UNIL Biomedical Master: "Metabolic diseases 2011"UNIL MSc course: "Cartographie, séquençage et structure des génomes 2007"UNIL MSc course: "Cartographie, séquençage et structure des génomes 2008"
UNIL MSc course: "Forensics in Bioinformatics 2015"UNIL MSc course: "Genes: from sequence to function 2009"
UNIL PhD literature seminar: "Diffusion and scaling during early embryonic pattern formation"UNIL PhD literature seminar: "Genome-wide association study of 14,000 cases of seven common diseases and 3,000 shared controls"
UNIL PhD literature seminar: "Optimality and evolutionary tuning of the expression level of a protein"UNIL PhD literature seminar: "Systematic interpretation of genetic interactions using protein networks"UNIL PhD seminar: "Bi-weekly meeting for graduate students in biostatistics and computational biology"
UNIX recipesUncovering modes of evolution: testing for selection versus genetic drift in species diversificationUseful tools
Vital-ITVncWelcome info
Whole genome association study: Alcohol consumption in the Cohorte LausannoiseWhole genome association study: Tobacco consumption in the Cohorte LausannoiseWikiFAQ
WikiIssuesWingX: Systems Biology of the Drosophila Wing